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Sunday, April 4, 2010

This Site Does Not Provide Medical Advice

~This Site Does Not Provide Medical Advice~

The information in this site is provided for education purposes only as an aid to the viewers’ research.

The information is from the experience of the writer and is not a sustitute for following the advice of your health practitioner and your own intuition in self healing by taking personal responsibility. Your body was designed to heal itself.

No guarantee is given that the information that is contained in this website now or any updates are complete, correct or up-to-date.

This information is from research and personal experience. The writer is not a health professional. Seek the advice of a professional health practitioner before using any of this information for yourself or anyone else in your care.

Some links in this website lead to other websites for your research convenience. There is no implied endorsement of these sites. Your judgement is neede to decide if the information is beneficial to you.

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