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Sunday, March 21, 2010

"Since our mechanical ability so far outstrips our intellectual development, we kill ourselves off by our very ingenuity."___Melvin E. Page DDS : Degeneration Regeneration

From Degeneration to Regeneration

the path to superlative health

From My Experience

a book report

When I heard a homeopathist say one day that we can increase our healing by changing our life style ---such as improving our diet, increasing frequency of exercise, lowering our stress level and trading negative relationships and job situations for positive ones, I thought of a book written by Melvin E. Page D.D.S. titled, Degeneration Regeneration.

The book was written in 1949 when Dr. Page was in his forties. Since he had symptoms of arthritis, he did research to find out what causes it and saw its relationship to diet from studying the work of a dentist who came before him, Weston Price, DDS. Dr. Price had done research on the diets of primitive people who ate the natural foods around them and drank untreated water from natural sources such as natural springs or mountain streams.

The health of those people was far superior to people living in “civilized” or industrialized societies where the average person eats refined and “chemicalized” food. There was no tooth decay or other degenerative diseases and the life span was well over 100 years.

Dr Page learned that when the ratio of calcium to phosphorus is 10:4 in the blood.....tooth decay stops and so do other diseases.

To balance that ratio he looked at different factors. Assimilation of food that we take in relies on the proper functioning of endocrine and exocrine glands and these glands require trace minerals to accomplish that.

When a diet of naturally raised fruits, vegetables and meat (without refined foods such as white sugar, white flour and dairy products) is adopted, along with adequate alkaline water, the body heals itself as it was designed to do. A person learns to read all labels to avoid any chemicals that may be added to the food. The addition of vitamins, trace minerals and enzymes can speed the healing process.

Dr. Page talks about the autonomic nervous system saying that.....there are sympathetic and parasympathetic body types. Those sympathetic types carry more weight above the waist. They are quick, ambitious and extroverts. The parasympathetic types are heavier below the waist and most of them have to drive themselves to accomplish their goals. Then there are those who have a balanced body chemistry who are in better health and balance.

Body chemistry is inherited from our ancestors as they have adapted to their environment. Coastal dwellers had long heads, blue eyes and ate mostly fish where they absorbed a lot of trace minerals.

Inland dwellers had round heads and dark eyes and were adapted to less trace minerals. Today most people live on a standardized diet which lacks minerals because of matter where they live.

Since the soil today is mostly depleted of nutrients we have forced on our endocrine glands an almost insuperable task of adaptation.

When we change our diet to unprocessed foods that are raised naturally and eat many raw foods so that they contain the enzymes to digest them, our body can begin the healing process.

Sugar and refined grains are the most harmful foods in our diet. In George Washington’s time the annual consumption of sugar was 8 pounds per capita. In 1949 about the time this book was written the consumption was well over 100 pounds. That was about 60 years ago. Today the consumption would have increased greatly but some of that is artificial sugar which is even more damaging than cane sugar.

White sugar can permeate the intestinal wall and enter the blood stream in a flood forcing the liver and pancreas to overwork by coming to the rescue.

White flour processors take out more than 100 nutrients, bleach it with a toxic substance and add back a few nutrients.

Dr. Page advises to eat no dairy products except butter. When questioned about how we would get calcium he says the same way a calf gets it.....from green grass. In our case it comes from green vegetables such as lettuce, broccoli, asparagus, cabbage, etc. He said that if we look at nature.....all mammals drink only the milk of their own kind and are weaned as they can eat other foods.

Only those with intelligence will perceive the logic of this and carry it out. We must reeducate ourselves and our educators to be able to survive.

Due to the pressures of mass educational demands, educational institutions are being forced to breed out originality.....the thnking favor of memory minds.

It is easier to evaluate memory than originality. The first facilitates an immediate decision, the second requires proof through the elements of time and testing.

If we eat the average American diet, it takes most of our energy each day to detoxify what we have put into our body that day.....then there is no energy left for healing.


in 1971, after taking prescription drugs for about 4 years for a rheumatoid arthritis condition, I read Dr. Page’s book and went to his clinic in St. Petersburg Beach, Florida. As I changed my diet and life style, added exercise, vitamins and minerals.....the disease was completely eliminated. I was mostly pain-free in 2 weeks and off all of the drugs and that continues to the present time. The experience started me on a path of searching for all kinds of alternative methods of healing and I continue to learn.__Yvonne Janson


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